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CMS 2.0: Maybe It's Time To Upgrade How We Define CMS

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For nearly a decade now, CMSs as we've known them have been far more than mere "Content Management Systems.," and we all know it. Maybe it's time to re-define "CMS" technology in terms of how we've all been using it for the past ten-plus years: Content Marketing and Sales technology.

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Powerful Brands: The Significance of Brand-verbing

brands as verbs

Brand-verbing: Using brands as verbs.

We Skype, Google, Xerox and Photoshop as verbs, and when your brand goes from noun to verb, that’s “brand-verbing,” and it’s also a sign that you’ve reached the big time. Brand loyalty is a combination of factors. Despite the huge selection available, modern consumers still feel loyalty to the brands that they are familiar with. In fact, research by IRI found that 44 percent of millennials consider themselves to be loyal to the brands that they purchase.

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Enter The GoPro Giveaway, from paGO Commerce!

paGO Commerce GoPro Giveaway

Celebrate paGO’s launch and Joomla’s 10th birthday, with some nice party gifts from ‘corePHP’

GoPro Giveaway Kicks Off Today!

Starting today, you can enter our latest GoPro Giveaway for a chance to win a GoPro Hero 4. Sign up here for a chance to win a GoPro Hero 4, courtesy of paGO Commerce.  Now you can enter to win one of several GoPro Hero 4 cameras that ‘corePHP’ is giving away this year to emphasize the point that paGO is Joomla’s professional grade eCommerce solution

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paGO Commerce 2.0 is Coming – Get Ready To Fly

fly high with the upcoming release of paGO Commerce version 2.0

Major advances in SEO and income processing speed will highlight the upcoming paGO Commerce 2.0 launch.

New Features: SEO Wingman Optimization & QuickPay Transaction Engine

SEO Optimization: When it comes to SEO optimization, you know you need it to keep your site ranked high, and on your prospects’ radar. That said, you also don’t want to get hijacked by “SEO experts,” paying them a small fortune, without learning how it’s done. To keep gaining altitude, what you really need is a co-pilot – a built-in wingman – there as needed to guide you and help you keep on the flight plan, connecting you to your customers.

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Microserve: Git Basic Principles & Concepts (for new developers)

Git Basic Principles & Concepts (for new developers)

One of the core tools used in many software development circles is Git - a 'version control system' which enables individuals and groups to have a complete record of all the code changes throguhout the life-cycle of a project. As you can imagine, starting to use version control to save progess, rather than just the usual ctrl + S takes a bit of getting used to!

As a new developer, learning all of this stuff is pretty intimidating along with all of the other new knowledge. So I wrote the following guide, which is the document I would've like to have been given when I started.

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OSTraining: Using the Bootstrap Theme with Drupal


Bootstrap is winning the web.

Nearly 10% of all websites now use the Bootstrap framework.

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Keep Customer Data Safe On Your eCommerce Site

keep your eCommerce data safe

Ways eCommerce store owners can keep their customers’ data safe.

No matter what eCommerce solution you’re using, as a website designer, integrator or e-commerce business, online data security is one of your greatest priorities. Cybercriminals want your customers’ private information, and most consumers don’t take proper steps to protect themselves. For example, a CreditDonkey survey found that more than 68 percent of consumers use the same password for multiple sites.

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Manage Your eCommerce Site the Easy Way

Easy Button - paGO Commerce

paGO Commerce makes managing your eCommerce site easy.

Ever had the thought of putting your head through the wall, frustrated with how complex the software developers made it to configure your e-commerce site? Why do they make it so complex, when it should be so freaking simple!!!

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Rebuild Your Website As a Bionic Website

Bionic Web

Prepare your website for battle this year with a bionic makeover!

You Need a Bionic Advantage For a Better, Stronger, Faster Website

Going into the busy season soon, there’s no better time than August’s summer lull to re-calibrate and prepare for a busy fall. The web economy is growing faster than ever, and you need to get your website ready for action. Below is a an extended checklist of action items you can do right now to make your site look like a million bucks (or six million!) with better SEO, stronger marketing and faster performance. You can also call the ‘corePHP’ team at (269) 979-5582 to upgrade your site to a bionic website.

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Professional Grade eCommerce For Joomla

Professional grade eCommerce for Joomla is here.

Joomla store owners finally have a professional grade eCommerce solution.

Professional Grade eCommerce for Joomla is here with paGO Commerce

In this post, I’ll focus on eCommerce extensions for Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. eCommerce is likely the most complex extended application any third part developer could endeavor. Since shortly after the founding of each the “big three CMSs”, the DIY / mass market has been well served with VirtueMart, Übercart and Woocommerce respectively, but the professional grade enterprise market has been vasty underserved, particularly in the Joomla and WordPress arenas. The verdict’s still out for WordPress, but good things are now happening for Joomla, with the recent launch of paGO Commerce.

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Easy eCommerce Product Management With paGO

paGO Commerce eCommerce product management made easy

We make eCommerce easy to manage.

When it comes to managing your products or services, you want a system that’s easy. You want a system that doesn’t force you use multiple administration processes, causing you to invest all kinds of time, trying to figure out how the system works. at paGO Commerce, we designed and built our eCommerce solution to be easy. paGO Commerce’s focus is to empower store owners to grow their business, rather than spending time struggling to learn the system itself.

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New Baby Alert! Welcome Lucas To the Core Team!

Lucas David Pignataro

Lucas David Pignataro was born to Michael & Tiffany Pignataro on July 20th.

Welcome Lucas David Pignataro, born July 20th, 2015 at 7:59 am!

Our Chief Operating Officer Michael Pignataro and his wife Tiffany are happy to announce the birth of their son, Lucas David Pignataro! Weighing in at nine pounds, three ounces, Lucas was born at Oaklawn Hospital in nearby Marshall, Michigan, Lucas is their fourth child. Welcome to the core team, Lucas!

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New Office We Call Home In Battle Creek, Michigan

New building in Battle Creek, Michigan

‘corePHP’s new building at 245 W. Michigan Avenue, in Battle Creek, Michigan

‘corePHP’ is very excited to announce the purchase of a new building for our corporate headquarters, located in Battle Creek, Michigan. We’re all moved in now, with plenty of room for our current web development and app development staff. Battle Creek has been our home since 2001, and we’re glad to call it home now! We’ve also added new offices in Detroit, Chicago, Denver and São Paulo, Brazil.

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Unique online memorial to fallen WWI soldiers (Australia version)

Kentico Software helps to preserve history for variety of countries including Australia

ExpressionEngine 3.0 Developer Preview Begins

Last week we mentioned that the ExpressionEngine 3.0 Developer Preview would be out this summer. It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and we’ve sent out the first release!

This initial Developer Preview release (DP1 or 3.0.0-dp.1) is a huge milestone. We still have a lot of work to do, and this release is not the finished product, not even a beta/functional preview. But it is ready to let some programmers outside of EllisLab start playing with the new architecture.

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Introducing Digital-First Fridays

Date: Thursday, July 2 2015 03:40 PM
From: markb

Today, I’m happy to kick-off our “Digital-First Fridays,” a new blog series that describes a Digital-First World, provides strategies for transformation, and shares best practices using real-life examples. The series is based on our recent book, Digital: Disrupt or Die, authored by myself and OpenText Chairman, Tom Jenkins.

In every sector, digital technologies are changing the rules of business. Startups and web-based companies are using digital business models to disintermediate the established market leaders. To remain relevant in a Digital-First World and gain a sustainable competitive advantage, organizations will be required to transform themselves into digital enterprises. Digital transformation requires a radical overhaul of enterprise strategies, processes, products, services, and relationships. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) empowers organizations to make this journey. How? At a basic level, it guides them through each phase of transformation, giving them effective ways to simplify, transform, and accelerate their business.

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eZ Sessions #13: Image server + eZ Conference

Here is the recording of today's eZ Session. Thanks to Philipp Kamps for sharing with us about Mugo's eZ Publish Image Server and to Roland Benedetti for talking about the November 2015 eZ Conference in New York.

Authored by: Publish

Announcing TYPO3 CMS 7.3 - More Stability, More Control

Since the release of TYPO3 CMS 7.2 back in April, the team focussed on certain topics under the hood to make the code base simpler and easier to maintain, while providing new standards for setting up new projects made with TYPO3. Read more about the previous releases here. Below you find more in-depth of the changes:

Improved Performance and Stability

Package Manager

The base logic for handling installed extensions and composer packages was backported originally from TYPO3 Flow and used since version 6.2, however most of the logic was never used in the TYPO3 CMS environment. This area was fully cleaned up and slimmed down, requiring less complicated code and less server memory in every Frontend and Backend request, but also act as a more robust solution than ever before.

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Sitecore Implementation: Roles

This (intentionally short) blog post presents some of my perspectives on many of the roles involved in a Sitecore web Content Management System (CMS) and Experience Platform (XP) implementation.

Released: WordPress For Joomla 4.1

Introducing WordPress For Joomla version 4.1

New Release: ‘corePHP’ releases WordPress For Joomla version 4.1

We at ‘corePHP’ are very pleased to announce the release of a new version of ‘corePHP’s highly successful component, the much anticipated WordPress For Joomla, version 4.1.

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