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Guess who received special recognition for a HUGE contribution to the Kentico community? Our brand new 2014 Kentico DevNet Hero, Brenden Kehren! Come and read about the loads of awesome things he’s done for the Kentico community this year and how much he enjoyed his trip to Kentico headquarters in the Czech Republic.
See what changes we’re making in Kentico training in 2015.

Version 4.1 of WordPress, named “Dinah” in honor of jazz singer Dinah Washington, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. New features in WordPress 4.1 help you focus on your writing, and the new default theme lets you show it off in style.

Introducing Twenty Fifteen


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You may have heard and read a lot about Drupal 8 lately, without much support to go along with it. Well here at Blink Reaction, we are working on changing that and contributing as much help as we can to the community with the issues that we’ve come across so far in Drupal 8. In this post I will show you how you can try Drupal 8 by installing dependencies such as composer and drush so you can have a Drupal 8 site running on your local machine.


I have been privileged to be able to attend a number of conferences and events, such as DrupalCon Austin, Portland etc,  since we started Cheeky Monkey Media. In the past, we’ve talked about having your DrupalCon Survival kit prepared before you head out the door to help make...Read More


As the Drupal market continues to rock and roll, more and more clients need "Drupal Developers". But what exactly is a Drupal Developer? A Drupal Developer is someone who knows Drupal right? Right?!


static to diazo Overview

Find/Create a static theme Create a new Diazo theme in the Theming control panel Copy in files from theme Write/Build the rules.xml

Detailed Steps

sample final themeFirst you’ll need a static theme. You can create one yourself, or find one on a free template site (make sure to read the terms of use!). The great thing is the theme doesn’t need to know anything specific about Plone, but you should still make sure all Plone elements that you want are displayed in the theme.

Create a new Diazo theme

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When it comes to BYOD security, your company would be better off looking on the inside and focusing on your employees. BYOD still has a lot of benefits to offer, but companies need to go the extra mile in educating and training employees to better handle the numerous security risks they could face. Enforcement of established BYOD guidelines is another excellent way to address security. Only then can businesses proceed to grow with more confidence in tackling whatever threats come their way.

Authored by: Rick Delgado

A couple of weeks ago, Engage shut down our offices for a day so that everyone in the company could work on making DNN better. The primary component that we wanted to focus on was the rich text editor, specifically making some investments in the CKEditor provider, so that it can replace the Telerik RadEditor provider (the community had already decided to migrate to the CKEditor for a number of reasons, so we wanted to ensure that we were migrating to something that we would want to use). I wanted to give a quick rundown of what we accomplished and what's next for the CKEditor in DNN.

Firstly, we contributed a new HTML Editor Manager module to the DNN core, which provides a place for any HTML Editor Provider to configure its settings (the current/old HTML Editor Manager page/module is specific to the RadEditor).

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After the big success of our first event we decided to organize a next one and make it a tradition in Poland, because there is no such place in this country, where the Polish TYPO3 Community can meet, exchange their experience and share new ideas. We were very happy that two companies from Germany volunteered to become gold sponsors of our conference. Thanks to dkd Hosted Solr and Sitegeist we could host our participants properly and organize everything easily. We also had a big support from Polish company SourceBroker, which became a silver sponsor and their whole team signed up for the conference.

It was October and we were selling tickets mostly for the people who were also attending our Camp the year before. This time we managed to engage more students and a professor from universities. We cooperated with WSNHiD (School of Humanities and Journalism), which provided an excellent location for our conference. Like last year's conference this one was organized under patronage of the TYPO3 Association and honorary patronage of Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Administration and Digitization. Moreover Polish websites and magazines offered support to spread the word about the event so that we could reach to more enthusiasts of free software. We wanted to invite as many international guests as possible. We succeed in that. In the end the agenda looked very interesting. Few more problems to solve, few more things to arrange, few more marketing materials to print and we were ready to go.

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2014 marked the fifteenth anniversary of The Not So Big House , architect Sarah Susanka’s groundbreaking bestseller that called for “building better, not bigger” houses. Susanka argued – quite convincingly –
Authored by: Mike Urbonas
The blog posts tells the story behind making the new Sitefinity Documentation.
Authored by: Boyan Barnev

Create content apps that access Web service data sources

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Plone Conference 2015 will take place October 14-16, 2015, in Bucharest, Romania. The schedule will include pre-conference trainings and post-conference sprints.
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