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nuxeo 7.2

Nuxeo announced availability of the Nuxeo Platform Fast Track 7.2. This latest release provides several improvements including Server-Side Automation Scripting, new developer capabilities, and a major release of Nuxeo Drive.

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“Your journey to heaven or hell or oblivion or reincarnation or whatever it is that death holds. … This is the Antechamber of the Mystery…”

~ Brent Weeks, The Way of Shadows

Aaron Winborn
Editor's Note: Submitted by Victor Winborn, Aaron Winborn's father.

I suppose this will be the last entry in Aaron Winborn’s blog. This is his dad, Victor Winborn, filling in for him. Aaron entered his final sleep of this life on March 24, 2015. His transition was peaceful, and he was at peace with himself.

Aaron was the oldest of six natural siblings and two step-brothers. He was convinced, of course, that I was doing the father thing all wrong and that he could do far better on his own. He finally got to try to prove it when he gained two daughters of his own. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with ALS shortly after the youngest was born.

We will never know how successful he would have been with teenage daughters, but if the first few years of life with the girls are any indication, he would have been an outstanding father.

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14-ALF-380_Email_header_600px (1)

Alfresco University is excited to announce the release of our newly revised Foundation for Administrators course that has been updated to accommodate Alfresco One version 4.2! This four to six hour eLearning course is specifically designed for administrators new to Alfresco and looking to administer and manage an Alfresco ECM system.

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Evolve, Change and Transform – from Print Publishing to E-commerce

The presentation that David Nussbaum, CEO of F+W Media, did was especially interesting. It was titled “Evolve, Change and Transform – from Print Publishing to E-commerce”. The story is about a total transformation from a traditional print publisher into a 360-degree media company in a successful way.

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Programming Guide to Drupal book cover image

O'Reilly's Programmer's Guide to Drupal, written by Jennifer Hodgdon is a solid book for Drupal developers of all skill levels. I'd argue that it is one of the better books for PHP developers wanting to learn more about Drupal. It provides a wealth of solid information on a nice array of topics that professional Drupal developers should know.

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Joomla User Profile Manager

Joomla! is a world of thousands of applications, but still missing among all those extensions is the basic functionality of profile management. As a site owner or administrator, you need the authority and flexibility to keep your site professional, fast-loading, secure, and free of "spam" members.

Maintaining and managing user profile information is a key aspect of maintaining each of these elements. Joom-Profile empowers you to manage users, without needing to install multiple components, or a heavy social networking component, which rarely end up actually doing the job you need them to do, leaving you dissatisfied. 

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alto cloud receives $2 million in funding

Now out of stealth mode, Mountainview, California based software startup Altocloud today announced $2 million seed funding and the commercial availability of its predictive communications platform for customer sales and engagement. The first to combine machine learning with real-time communications, this SaaS solution intelligently identifies the optimal online visitors and delivers tailored chat, voice, video and content so customers get the information and help they need at exactly the right moment. The funding, led by Delta Partners, Digicel Group and ACT Venture Capital, brings Altocloud’s total funding to $3 million.

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The coming ecommerce revolution

You know it's coming - you can feel it, hear it, and see it - the low but powerful rumbling of change - the next big wave of innovation in ecommerce.

Buying and selling online has become second nature and a core part of our lives - yet there is fundamental change underway in how people are thinking about ecommerce and how transactions of all kinds should be woven into the fabric of an engaging online user experience.

Content Sells

The importance of content in creating online experiences that drive people to buy is becoming increasingly important to online merchants and brands. Is there any doubt that this next wave of innovation will in part be centered around a more fluid content driven commerce experience?

Companies who are using a traditional catalog based ecommerce solution are realizing the importance of content to online revenue growth and that simply integrating their ecommerce solution with a separate CMS solution is ultimately not a great solution and creates unnecessary complexity. As a result, many companies with mature online revenue channels are beginning to define their next generation systems.

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Digital Command Center from Telerik Sitefinity - Progress

The new Digital Marketing Command Center, Combines Telerik Sitefinity CMS and Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud to personalize the customer journey across channels and devices. Predictive and prescriptive analytics, 360- degree customer profile, advanced machine learning, and third-party data integrations improve digital marketers’ ability to manage the customer journey

Progress Corporation today announced the latest advancements in the Telerik® Sitefinity™ platform. The company is combining the award-winning Telerik Sitefinity CMS and the newly available Telerik Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) to create a Digital Marketing Command Center, enabling marketing teams to orchestrate a guided customer journey across devices and digital channels.

With the combined offering of Telerik Sitefinity CMS and Telerik Sitefinity DEC, Progress is providing a central repository of individual customer interactions, which draws information from all systems holding key customer data across channels and devices.

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New 'corePHP' office in São Paulo, Brazil

Joomla development firm ‘corePHP’ announce a new office in São Paulo, Brazil

Today, ‘corePHP’ LLC, our growing Battle Creek, Michigan based web development firm, announced we have opened up an office in São Paulo, Brazil. São Paulo is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, with fast-expanding needs for Joomla Development services, cloud based SaaS offerings, and custom CMS development. With this, ‘corePHP’ has added Senior Software Engineer Adam Docherty, and PHP Developer Roberto Gaducci to the company’s growing roster of professional Joomla Developers.

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Find out how to transform your passive CMS into an active Content Marketing and Sales Machine April 8th!

Find out how to transform your passive CMS into an active Content Marketing and Sales Machine April 8th!

Mark your calendar, because ‘corePHP’ is kicking off our 2015 LIVE tour!  This is a VERY BIG YEAR for CMS users around the world, as converging technologies and entirely uncharted buying patterns continue to radically change the business landscape. This year, it’s more important than ever to keep your eyes on the road, and hands on the wheel to stay up on trends, as they will directly business, non-profits, education and government agencies.

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5 tips to make your site more accessible

From Michelle Williamson, Drupal Developer @Mediacurrent:

Web accessibility is about making websites accessible to people with disabilities.  Those disabilities include everything from blindness and varying degrees of vision impairment to a broken bone in a dominant hand to cognitive disabilities such as dyslexia.

Making websites usable by those with disabilities is not as difficult as you may have been led to believe. There are things that are considered just plain good practice in building a website that can make a site vastly more accessible to all.  Here are 5 things that can easily be accomplished with most sites:


Try navigating your website with just a keyboard. Load a page and just start pressing the tab key. Follow the outline of the content in focus as you tab through the page. Now imagine that you’re on a page with a list of 50 nested menu items down the left side of page and in order to fill out a form in the main content of the page, you have to tab through every single menu item.  That gets old quickly.  There’s a simple solution.  Add a “skip to content” link as the first piece of content in the body section on the page that links to the page’s main content.  This way, when a page is loaded, all a user needs to do is press enter and voila, they’re at the page’s main content. 

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Drupal 8

In my travels to talk about Drupal, everyone asks me about Drupal 8's performance and scalability. Modern websites are much more dynamic and interactive than 10 years ago, making it more difficult to build modern sites while also being fast. It made me realize that maybe I should write up a summary of some of the most exciting performance and scalability improvements in Drupal 8. After all, Drupal 8 will leapfrog many of its competitors in terms of how to architect and scale modern web applications. Many of these improvements benefit both small and large websites, but also allow us to build even bigger websites with Drupal.

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Get ready, http/2 is done.

The IESG has formally approved the HTTP/2 and HPACK specifications, and they’re on their way to the RFC Editor, where they’ll soon be assigned RFC numbers, go through some editorial processes, and be published.

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Thanks for the memories! CMS Expo

After a lot of thought, we're both sad and relieved today we finally came to an agreement that it's time to close the curtains on the CMS Expo Learning & Business Conference. It's been an exciting run, and financially successful too, but the event has gotten so big that it became a full-time (and then some) job for us both, year-round. While it's been incredibly gratifying, that wasn't in our master plan.

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