This just in from Arc Technology Group:

The internet is rapidly becoming dominated by mobile usage. When we speak about Mobile First, we emphasize that applications and websites should be first and foremost developed from the perspective of mobile phones, then tablets, and finally laptops/desktops.

Key information and results that are critical for your business, need to be front and center. Websites and applications need to account for slower bandwidth through optimizing code, media, and database access. An information architecture around optimized performance and content needs to be thought out to be successful. Using architecture and tools that maximize mobile potential: responsive design, Twitter Bootstrap, Joomla CMS will help you succeed.

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Moving to Acquia

As posted on his personal blog and his business site, starting October 6, Jeff Geerling will be working for Acquia as a Technical Architect in their Professional Services group. As Jeff points out, Hosted Apache Solr, and Server Check.in, his current projects won't change much,"they will continue on, likely at the same pace of development they've been for the past year or so (I'll work on them when I get an odd hour or two...). I am still working on completing Ansible for DevOps, and will actually be accelerating my writing schedule prior to starting the new job, since I'll have a little wedge of free time..." Congratulations go out to Jeff on the move.

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Chris Justice - Magnolia Head of Marketing

Chris Justice recently made the move from a creative digital agency he founded in Austin, Texas, called Sparksight, to Basel, Switzerland's Magnolia CMS. He is now their Head of Marketing.

driesA few days ago, I sat down with Quentin Hardy of The New York Times to talk Open Source. We spoke mostly about the Drupal ecosystem and how Acquia makes money. As someone who spent almost his entire career in Open Source, I'm a firm believer in the fact that you can build a high-growth, high-margin business and help the community flourish. It's not an either-or proposition, and Acquia and Drupal are proof of that.

Rather than an utopian alternate reality as Quentin outlines, I believe Open Source is both a better way to build software, and a good foundation for an ecosystem of for-profit companies. Open Source software itself is very successful, and is capable of running some of the most complex enterprise systems. But failure to commercialize Open Source doesn't necessarily make it bad.

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Telerik®, today announced the latest release of its content management system, Sitefinity®, providing users greater information governance capabilities, along with new productivity improvements.

With the current release of Telerik Sitefinity, we are aiding our customers in their quest to properly govern important customer data. Coupled with an array of productivity advancements, Telerik Sitefinity CMS is even more aligned with better business practices. These are not only practical in implementation, but also critical to business success.

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On The Move: Jeff Brown, VP at CITYTECH

Congratulations go out to Chicago-based CITYTECH (an ICF Interactive Company) on recently naming Jeff Brown to the position of Vice President. Jeff Brown is a seasoned IT professional with over 20 years of experience  consulting across various industries and technologies. Jeff is responsible for the delivery of consulting engagements in North America and the JAPAC region. 

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Kevin Cochrane - On the Move from OpenText to Mindjet

This just in: Kevin Cochrane is on the move from CMO of OpenText to become CMO of Mindjet, an enterprise-serving idea development, collaboration and concept-through-completion management platform. Mindjet is based in San Francisco, California.

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Let's be honest, I spend a lot of time at conferences. Over the past 2 years or so I've averaged more than one speaking engagement at a conference per month, including a half-dozen keynotes. I've also helped organize several conferences, mostly DrupalCamps and DrupalCons. I'd estimate conferences make up more than a third of my professional activity. (Incidentally, if someone can tell me how the hell that happened I'd love to hear it; I'm still confused by it.)

As a result I've gotten to see a wide variety of conference setups, plans, crazy ideas, and crazy wonderful ideas. There are many wonderful things that conference organizers do, or do differently, and of course plenty of things that they screw up.

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The memories started flooding back, causing me to reflect on both the last and the next decade of MODX.


We wanted to build sites that could be styled just with CSS. We worked for non-technical clients that wanted to own their day-to-day content management tasks, even for content protected behind a login. We didn’t want alpha-engineers forcing us to compromise to their ideal way of how the web should work; we wanted to control how sites were built, and to have the ability to easily adapt to the future on our schedule.

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Cloud CMS

Cloud content management systems are low cost, hyper-efficient and allow businesses to produce better customer experiences across multiple channels without incurring the cost of doing so multiple times.

Unlike legacy ECM and LAMP-stack web CMS systems, modern cloud content management systems are built natively in the cloud and provide a low-cost and scalable alternative.  They offer a simpler and easier user interface without sacrificing powerful and important enterprise features.

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601am acquired by Six Apart

This news just in, issued by 601am and Six Apart:

Six Apart, international provider of blogging software, has acquired 601am, a Denver-based design and development firm that has long served as a Six Apart support and services partner. Six Apart is joining forces with 601am to encourage mutual growth and to offer customers a broader range of solutions for building websites.

The two companies have an extended history of working closely together. Now, Six Apart has stepped forward to purchase 601am and take this partnership to the next level. 601am will continue to operate independently, with an influx of funds and resources for sustainable growth. This acquisition will have a number of long-term benefits for Six Apart, 601am and their clients.

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Less than four years after SocialKaty, the social media media marketing firm led by President and co-founder Katy Lynch (pictured above), got off the ground here in Chicago, the company is announcing its merge with Manifest Digital.

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WordPress 4.0 Beta 1 is now available! This software is still in development, so we don’t recommend you run it on a production site. Consider setting up a test site just to play with the new version. To test WordPress 4.0, try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (you’ll want “bleeding edge nightlies”). Or you can download the beta here (zip).

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This blog posts presents rolling time window counting and rate limiting in Redis. You can apply it to activate login CAPTCHA on your site only when it is needed. For the syntax highlighted Python source code please see the original blog post.

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If you have been thinking about increasing your Drupal skills, it's time to take the plunge and submerge yourself in a full-day course with one of our leading world-class Drupal training companies.

These trainings are designed to increase your knowledge and expand your skill set by providing you with:

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